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Nova Scotia Commitment to Arts and Culture

February 17, 2011

Province Announces Plan to Support Arts and Culture

Premier’s Office
February 14, 2011 2:04 PM

“Government will support and encourage creative excellence in Nova Scotia’s arts and culture community with the adoption of a new five-point plan. Premier Darrell Dexter announced the plan today, Feb. 14, after extensive consultation.

“Today the province charts a new course for Nova Scotia’s creative economy,” said Premier Dexter. “This approach ensures that the arts and culture community has a strong voice in determining the province’s priorities for supporting arts and culture.

“As Nova Scotia focuses on creating good jobs, this plan will shape the province’s work with members of the sector to ensure a bright future for Nova Scotia’s arts and culture community.”

The province released the final report on the consultations from Horizons Community Development Associates Inc. The report outlines the major themes that participants in the consultations raised, including recognition of the importance of arts and culture, providing support for cultural diversity, addressing governance and communication with the arts and culture community and the need to look at investment in the sector.

The plan includes:
— status of the artist legislation to emphasize the importance of arts and culture to the province
— establishing Arts Nova Scotia, an independent arms-length body to oversee and make decisions about funding support for artists
— forming the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council from the present Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership Council to advise government on arts and culture policy and lead the development of a provincial cultural strategy
— developing a communications strategy for arts and culture, including a new interactive website for ongoing discussions that will allow artists to showcase and market their work.
— creating an interdepartmental committee to co-ordinate government efforts to support and fund arts and culture development

A panel of arts and culture representatives will be established in the next few weeks to set out the terms of reference for Arts Nova Scotia.

“I’m excited to be leading my department at a time when we’re taking concrete steps to enhance Nova Scotia’s arts and culture community,” said Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage David Wilson. “This plan can really position Nova Scotia to ensure new and established artistic and cultural talent shines on the creative stage”

The Horizons report is available by going to the department of Communities, Culture and Heritage website at and selecting the link under What’s New.

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